Richard Cartwright

Rich In History

I am a historian, re-enactor and educator. I have worked in the film industry as a historic advisor, actor, and armourer. My company, "Rich in History" is able to provide educational services to schools and colleges, interest groups, and a wide variety of organisations.

My main area of historical interest is the late Victorian and the Edwardian periods, although I sometimes work outside these periods.

I am a member of several Living History and Re-enactment groups covering the Great War and Victoria's Wars.

I am also a member of "Six of One", the Prisoner Appreciation Society, who meet to bring to life the 1960s television series in Portmeirion, the village in North Wales where the series was filmed. I sometimes take a leading role in the Prisoner re-enactments at the annual convention, making use of my Performing Arts qualifications, and I also operate the audio-visual equipment. I am a member of the Six of One Committee, responsible for organising the Annual Convention (Portmeiricon) at Portmeirion.

I am a founding member of the independent team who put on "The Prisoner Virtual Convention", an on-line Convention for anyone interested in The Prisoner and related items, without the need to join any societies. The Virtual Convention can be found at

I have worked in several museums, including a canal museum in Sandwell, a glass museum in Stourbridge, and at Dudley Central Museum.

I have also been involved with several film and television productions, both as an actor and as a member of the crew. I was the Armourer at the trench scenes in the film "Journey's End", released in UK cinemas on 2 February 2018.

Please feel free to browse my website in order to find out more about my interests.

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